Blushing Bride

Common Names: Blushing Bride

Botanical names: Serruria Florida

Availability: May through October

Vase life: 7 to 14 days

Storage temperatures: 36 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit

Ethylene Sensitive: Yes

Description: Delicate spindle shaped, papery white bracts surrounding a central fluffy mass of delicate florets. ​Initially these florets are white and joined together, but as the head matures each floret separates, and the color changes to pink.

Color: White and flushed with pink. The pink becoming more prominent as the bloom matures.

Botanical facts: Blushing bride is a relative to the Protea plant and is native to South Africa. It was first discovered in the Fransch Hoek Mountains in South Africa in 1773.

Design notes: These beautiful, unusual and exotic blossoms add texture to floral designs. Stems can be weak and may need additional support.

Purchasing hints: Avoid blossoms which have leaves that are yellowing or turning black. Stems are sensitive to Botrytis.

Conditioning: Remove all foliage that will be below the waterline. Cut stem ends with a sharp knife. Hydrate in a solution of water and commercial floral food for two hours before storage or usage.

Additional notes: After its discovery in 1773 it was thought to extinct for over 100 years. The reason for its apparent disappearance was the need for the seeds to be "fire-stimulated to germinate." The plants now grow abundantly in Africa and Australia.

Video Demonstration:

Blushing Bride Bridal Bouquet