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Amazing Zinnias

The end of summer brings such an abundance of fabulous flowers. And, while the season is changing to autumn we are not ready to give up the green of summer just yet. The inspiration of the video was an amazing two-tone zinnia, beautiful green with a hot pink center. Leanne shares several design techniques as she creates a dramatic vegetative styled arrangement. Enjoy!

October 4, 2018

Homecoming Floral Ring

On-Trend for Homecoming Celebrations is the more sophisticated look of beautiful floral jewelry. In this video clip Leanne creates a stylish floral ring using a pre-made ring blank. You will love this elegant design, perfect for a homecoming celebration, a party or an evening on the town. Enjoy!

September 27, 2018

King Protea Bridal Bouquet

Big and bold, exotic and gorgeous: few flowers can match the dramatic beauty of the King Protea. Used in a bridal bouquet they make a powerful statement. But, it is important to master the mechanics needed to create a light-weight and secure bouquet. In this video clip Leanne shares the techniques for creating a breathtaking king protea bridal bouquet using flowers from FiftyFlowers.com. Enjoy!

September 21, 2018

Autumn Sunflowers

The waning days of summer bring us beautiful sun filled evenings and gardens filled with an abundance of gorgeous blossoms.  The Tuscan color palette was the inspiration for this video; deep blue purple, vibrant burgundy red and bright yellow sunflowers.  Leanne shares the techniques for designing a glamorous oversized arrangement a she  creates a stunning Tuscan styled design.  Enjoy!

September 10, 2018

Fall Wedding Centerpiece

Using gorgeous flowers from Florabundance.com. Leanne creates a breathtaking centerpiece in the bespoke garden style. She demonstrates step-by-step the creation of this design using a compote and floral netting armature. You will love the mixture of dramatic colors and textures in this design. Enjoy!

September 6, 2018

Orchid Meditation

What inspires you?  Where do you find your creativity?  In this video how-to demonstration Leanne discusses the process of creativity and shares her source of inspiration.  For Leanne the primary inspiration is the flowers themselves.  By meditating on each blossom she finds the design perfect for the flowers.  Yes, as she says “the flowers tell me what to do”.  You will love this design.  Enjoy!

August 30, 2018

Hat Box Roses

There are very few gifts more impactful than a gift of flowers. When you can add a lovely gift box and an element of surprise you have created the perfect gift. In this video how-to demonstration Leanne creates an elegant hat box bouquet filled with Black Baccara Roses, Antique Bi-Colored Carnations and Hellebores. This is a gift that you will surly want to create for a friend. Enjoy!

August 25, 2018

Fall Bridal Bouquet

Autumn weddings are growing in popularity. In fact, October is fast becoming the new month for weddings. In this video how-to demonstration Leanne creates a stunning hand-tied bouquet in the bespoke garden style with flowers from Florabundance.com. You will delight in Leanne’s use of complex blush hues combined with darker colors and textures. This bouquet is spectacular and on-trend. Enjoy!

August 18, 2018

Contemporary Bridal Bouquet

In this video Leanne reinvents the classic round carnation bridal bouquet.  Contemporary and fabulous and accented with a beautiful spike of Phalaenopsis Orchids, this design is certainly not your Grandmother’s bouquet.  You will love the techniques that Leanne shares in this hand-tied bridal bouquet. Enjoy!  

August 10, 2018

Rustic Wedding Centerpiece

The Bespoke Garden Style continues to be a hot trend for weddings and events.  In this video Leanne creates a rustic wedding centerpiece in this popular style. The rustic look is enhanced by a large number of foliages, astrantia, astilbe, nigella, kale, hydrangea and lucious garden roses.  The beauty of this design comes from the contrast and the fabulous textures.  Enjoy! 

August 3, 2018