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Flower School Video Library

The FlowerSchool Video Library is the world’s largest collection of on-line floral design video demonstrations.   Produced exclusively by Floral Design Institute and updated weekly, the video clips in this library are free to all. Enjoy!

Flower School Slideshow

Floral Design Institute has been teaching floral design since 1969 and has been creating online how-to design demonstrations since 1998. Produced exclusively by Floral Design Institute, the slide show demonstrations in this library are free to all. Enjoy!

At Floral Design Institute, the study of post harvest physiology is very important and on-going.  In addition to our own research, we review and test all research and opinions in the industry.  With the knowledge, tools, treatment processes, flower foods and long the lasting cultivars available today, there simply is no reason that you cannot have wonderful long lasting flowers.

Welcome to our Flower Library.  In these pages you will find the most popular flowers and foliages used in floral design.  We have pictured and detailed the common and botanical names of each flower along with its seasonal availability and colors.  You may search for a flower by name or by image.

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Floral Design is a planned process; a careful application of design elements, principles, forms, styles and techniques which results in a composition that is pleasing to the eye. In this library we will explore the science and art of floral design. Enjoy!

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Floral Design Styles are both classic and evolving.  Many classic styles were established thousands of years ago and are seemingly timeless.  Other classic styles have nearly disappeared in usage; however they continue to influence the evolving styles that are popular today.

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Floral Design Techniques are the “nuts & bolts” of floral design.  A good understanding of the basics in the construction of a floral design is essential to the completion of a superior design.  Accomplished floral designers are continuously studying, practicing and refining floral design techniques.

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Floral Design is both a decorative craft and a creative art form.  In this section we explore advanced floral design as art.  While there is no single definition of “art”, to be considered floral art, floral design must be highly creative, original and emotionally link the designer and the viewer.

(A Flower Lover's Club Exclusive)

As with any creative art form, floral design is subject to the influence of many factors including: fashion clothing trends, architecture and interiors, mass media, social media and celebrity culture.  At Floral Design Institute, ongoing trends are intimately observed and analyzed so that we can assist professional floral designers stay up to date with the latest floral trends.

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